Message from Dustin-Wildwood, MO

Thank You Lift Rite!
Here is my review of your mudjacking services:
Our Rear Patio had settled and collected water by the back door. I had heard about mudjacking from a family member who had a company come out and literally just raise their sunken driveway back to its original position. Upon looking up a few different companies I chose to go with Lift Rite mudjacking. With the apmt a few weeks away, I did some research and read a few online posts talking about how poly jacking is the new and superior method over the old mudjacking process. So i decided to call and cancel my upcoming apmt and reschedule one with this new poly jacking company. I let Lift Rite know I would be using this other company and new method. Upon scheduling with the new poly jacking company, something didn’t feel right, first the way they talked bad about their competitors was a big turn off. At the same time lift rite sent me an email kindly asking why I had canceled with them. As I read the email I realized that new best methods aren’t always better than the old school tried an true methods. I went with my gut and canceled with the new poly company and rescheduled my original apmt with Lift Rite. Let me tell you what a wonderful decision that was. They got me back in to my original scheduled apmt. Had no hard feelings and didn’t say a word about who’s method was better.
Lift Rite came out, had the coolest equipment, the owner actually supervises and performs the pumping process himself! After a full year of renovations and dozens of contractors, the lift rite guys were by far most pleasurable to work with. They’ve known each other most their lives, they do the mudjacking process almost like second nature. After just over an hour of mudjacking, our patio looks like it prob did the day after it was poured 30 years ago. Thank You Lift Rite, your experience and years of pride in your work have earned you a reputation and I had to share my experience so others can benefit.

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