How It Works

1. A pattern of 1 1/2 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.

1. A pattern of 1 1/2 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab.


2. The limestone & portland cement mixture is pumped under the slab. Our equipment can generate up to 750 psi in order to insure we can raise the tough jobs. Once any void is filled, the pressure generated raises the slab to the desire height.


3. The holes are patched using a non shrinking concrete mixture. Our team takes extreme care. We clean up completely before we leave. We make sure you are satisfied with the job before paying the bill. You will have a great repair job done by professionals to your satisfaction! Mud jacking is quick & easy. Call today & a Lift Rite Inc. representative will come out & give you a fast & reliable estimate concrete still in its original position.

What is Mud Jacking?
Mud jacking is a process that raises sunken concrete back to its original level. This unique process will restore sunken or uneven concrete slabs close to their original grade and alignment with other concrete. It can also be used to fill voids, to prevent the sinking and cracking from a piece of concrete still in its original position.

Is This a New Way to Fix Sunken Concrete?
Mud jacking is a common repair method that has been used for many years, mostly the mid-west region of the U.S. However, professional mud jack contractors can now be found in just about any city in the U.S. The concept is very simply, but should only be attempted by professionals, as it requires experience and specialized equipment to get the work just right.

How Does It Work?
A number of 1 1/2-inch holes are drilled in the sunken concrete. A slurry is pumped under high pressure through the holes. When the void under the sunken concrete is filled with the mixture, the concrete will raise. The holes are patched with shrink proof grout and the surface is ready to use.

What Are the Advantages of Mud Jacking?
The cost of mud jacking averages 1/3-1/2 the cost of replacing concrete. Mud jacking is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective. Mud jacking is usually a permanent fix to concrete problems.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost varies by the size, condition, and amount of space the concrete has fallen. Lift Rite Inc. provides free, no hassle, no pressure estimates.

Why is Lift Rite Inc. the Best Choice for All Your Mud Jacking Needs?
Lift Rite Inc. uses a premium quality mixture of limestone and Portland cement that is 100% stable. Lift Rite Inc. provides fast professional and courteous service to all areas of the city. We perform Mud jacking for all applications: residential, industrial, commercial and municipal.